The 56 – Premium Vodka 70cl


Our higher proof premium vodka. Lovingly crafted in our copper pot stills, this vodka is the perfect balance of character and purity. 56% ABV (112 Proof)

Size: 70cl

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The 56 – our higher proof, premium vodka. This is an extraordinary drink that is a testament to our desire to create spirits of the highest quality.

Lovingly crafted in our small copper pot stills, this premium vodka is a masterful blend of sophistication and strength. Diluted with less water to 56% ABV, this is a vodka that strikes a perfect balance between character and purity. A true artisan spirit!

We distill the 56 from the same quality, British potatoes as the rest of our vodkas. As part of our commitment to using only high-quality locally sourced ingredients.

This vodka is 56% or 112 proof and comes in a 70cl bottle.

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