Toffee Vodka 20cl


Our wicked Toffee Vodka infusion is certain to delight any sweet tooth! How can you even resist it?

Strength 35%

Size 20cl

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Our award-winning Toffee flavour Vodka – available in a smaller 20cl bottle.

Rather than dissolve bits of toffee in a bottle; we take the same quality spirit we use to make our unflavoured vodkas and infuse with natural toffee syrup.

The result is a sweet and temptingly creamy toffee flavour which allows the delicate aftertaste of our classic vodka to cut through. Delicious served on the rocks or even in a Tempting Toffee Martini.

55 Toffee Vodka is completely free of any and all artificial flavours or colours. No nasty stuff here!

The only question is: how can you ever resist it?

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