Rhubarb Gin 50cl


This limited edition, handcrafted gin is infused with fresh English Rhubarb for a delightfully sweet and fruity flavour with distinct juniper notes.


Size 50cl

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What could be more English than Rhubarb? It’s brilliant in pies, crumbles and now our brand new Rhubarb Gin.

Handcrafted in small batches, this limited edition gin is delightfully sweet with a full-bodied, fruity aftertaste that has none of the tartness you might expect from Rhubarb.

Made in our traditional copper pot stills, we distill our gin using fresh juniper, coriander, citrus zests and macadamia nuts. Finally, we infuse it with fine, hand-picked English Rhubarb for its distinctive flavour.

This gin goes beautifully with ice and a quality tonic. Or you can even use it to add a new twist to your favourite, gin-based cocktail.

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